Death is something we all get to face.? As we understand death, our level of fear and anxiety will diminish and allow us to live more fully.? In this episode, Dr. Paul is joined by CreationTree legacy coach Darren Johansen and Funeral Director/Embalmer Shawn Warenski.? You can learn more about Shawn at We also recommend the PBS Frontline production, “The Undertaking” which can be viewed at

Best selling author, Leslie Householder, talks with Dr. Paul about breaking through the terror barrier through understanding your mind. Check out Leslie’s website at, and get a special offer as a “live on purpose” listener for her home study course at

Dr. Paul and Cary Valerio of Bray-Conn Inc., discuss the concept of giving as a powerful principle of prosperity.? You can get connected with Project Liberty through

Dr. Paul is joined by successful business man and entrepreneur Garrett B. Gunderson to talk about his new book Killing Sacred Cows.? This book discusses how to defeat the lies and myths surrounding money and prosperity.? You can get Garrett’s book through his website at where you can also get in touch with him or read his daily blog.

In this episode, Dr. Paul interviews Amanda Dickson, KSL morning news radio host, about her new book, Wake Up To A Happier Life.? Discussion includes choosing happiness, letting go of what’s not working, and practicing cheerfulness.? You can get Amanda’s book through .

High Performance Coach Jon Skidmore, Psy.D., joins Dr. Paul to discuss the five stages of peak performance.? Contact Jon Skidmore at (801)-426-2685.

Kevin Whittington, a developer of Prosperity Idea International, joins Dr. Paul to discuss the stories we form in our mind about our experiences. “The Work” of Byron Katie is referenced as a tool to examine and change the story.

Dr. Paul and Police Sergeant Charlie Wakamatsu discuss risk and the three things to do with it as well as give advice about how to keep kids safe. They also give information about their NOVA Principles program. To learn more visit the website at or, if you live in Utah County, call Sgt. Wakamatsu at the Orem City Police Department. That phone number is (801)-229-7084.

Dr. Paul’s guest on this episode is Kirk Weisler, author of The Dog Poop Initiative, and The Cookie Thief. Dr. Paul and Kirk discuss the power and importance of stories and language to create a positive culture. Learn more about Kirk at his website;, where you can also purchase his delightful books.

Dr. Paul and Darren Johansen discuss the myths about security and give tools to multiply freedom.

Dr. Paul and CreationTree Coach Ross Moore introduce the Creation Continuum, the choice between two determinant paradigms. Your choice will absolutely determine your experience in life.

Dr. Paul and Summer Morris dispel some common myths about self-esteem and give a principled approach for building it.

During the show Dr. Paul mentions a clip about Ben Underwood.? Click here to see the clip.